Le Drivel Epic

The forgotten masterpiece of the 1970's cutting edge fractured narrative technique. With multiple authors and told in a first-person pastiche style, it has been described by Melvyn Bragg as "Look, you weirdo, if you pester me again I'm going to call the police", and by others as "Bollocks."

NOTE: All rights reserved. The Authors assert their moral right to be identified as the authors of this work. Of course, this could be seen as a mistake...

SG Episode One
DM Episode Two
MW Episode Three
SG Episode Four
ST Episode Five
PS Episode Six
MW Episode Seven
DM Episode Eight
SG Episode Nine
ST Episode Ten
PS Episode Eleven
DM Episode Twelve
SG Episode Thirteen
MW Episode Fourteen
ST Episode Fifteen
SG Episode Sixteen
SS Episode Seventeen
MW Episode Eighteen