Debugging information

#include "btree.h"

int bdbug(BTA* btact, char* opt, BTint blk);

The bdbug function provides a debug capability for the B Tree package. The following options can be passed via the opt parameter:

Table 3.1. Debug Options

control-displays the in-memory block information, together with the last key found details
super-displays superroot information i.e. block usage, free list etc.
stack-displays the tree stack (i.e. key context)
space-displays occupancy statistics
stats-displays B Tree operating statistics
block-displays the contents of the block identified by blk. blk is declared as a BTint, which is normally a typedef for int, but with Large File Support will be a typedef for long long.
structure-Performs a structure check of the currently active BTree file. If blk is set to ZNULL, information on the index structure, and problems (if any), are displayed. Otherwise, a simple statement of structure condition is displayed.

A non-zero return from bdbug indicates an error occurred during the display of debugging information.