Retrieving error message text

#include "btree.h"

void btcerr(int* ierr, int* ioerr, char* srname, char* msg);

The btcerr function returns the error code (in ierr) and (if relevant) the I/O error code (in ioerr) of the last error encountered by the B Tree system. In addition, it will return the name of the function which detected the error (in srname) and an error message in msg.

The maximum number of chars returned in srname is BT constant ZRNAMESZ. The maximum number of chars returned in msg is BT constant ZMSGSZ. Both char arrays will be zero-padded to ZRNAMESZ and ZMSGSZ respectively. Declaring these arrays to be smaller than the BT constants will ensure btcerr acts as a very effective stack smasher.