Migrating Clojure from 1.2 to 1.3

I use Clojure for my skunkworks projects at work. I used to use Python, but when we dropped the product's native TCP/IP interface in favour of JMS, it became difficult to use Python any more, as the hoops you have to jump through to access JMS from Python were beyond my patience level.

However, it gave me a perfect excuse to use Clojure as, since it runs on top of the JVM, it makes access to JMS pretty easy. This was around Cloure 1.0, and I've migrated forward whenever a new release became available.

However, I put off the migration to 1.3 because the break-up of the clojure-contrib library meant it would probably take a little bit of work. When I did find the time, it wasn't that onerous. Here's a summary of the changes I had to make: