Crimson Refresh

With a little bit of spare time, I decided I should clean-up the disk allocation on crimson, and remove a redundant FreeBSD install. As part of this I also found I had forgotten about 130GB of disk space, so that was a bit of a bonus.

The plan was to

  1. Remove the unused FreeBSD instance, chrome.
  2. Consolidate the FreeBSD crimson slices of tank and tank1 into one, placed on the largest disk (250GB).
  3. Reformat the old tank partition as EXT4 and allocate it to Debian silver, so that silver controls all of hd1.
  4. Install OpenBSD (as chrome) on all of hd2.

This was a relativley simple exercise, but I did learn (or re-learn?) something about FreeBSD gpart. It is not possible to destroy a partiton until all the child slices have been destroyed. If this is not done, you will see the rather ambiguous error message:

  Device busy.

Anyway, this give me a much simpler organisation on the crimson hardware:

Disk Type Grub FreeBSD Linux OpenBSD Part. Usage
WDC WD800BB 80GB hd0 ata0 sda wd0 1 FreeBSD (crimson)
Maxtor 6L080J4 80GB hd1 ata2 sdb wd1 1-11 (except 3) Debian Jessie (silver) 40GB
Maxtor 6L080J4 80GB hd1 ata2 sdb wd1 3 Debian Jessie (silver) /tank 40GB
WDC WD1600 160GB hd2 ata2 sdc wd2 3 OpenBSD (chrome)
Seagate STM3250 250GB hd3 ata3 sdd wd3 1 FreeBSD (crimson) /tank