Linux Kernel Building

To compile and install a new Linux kernel, here's a condensed guide to the steps to follow.

In the directory into which you have unpacked your kernel of choice, issue the following commands, or perform the activity indicated:

make clean

make mrproper # this step may remove the .config file, which contains
              # configuration settings

make {xconfig|menuconfig} # xconfig needs x, menuconfig needs ncurses
                          # must save on exit, otherwise make dep may
                          # fail with make errors: e.g. No rule to
                          # make target ../autoconf.h

make dep

# edit Makefile to set your own text for EXTRAVERSION

make bzImage

make modules

make modules_install

make install # this step might do the next for you

# modify lilo.conf or grub.conf/menu.1st to boot new kernel
# if you use lilo, run /sbin/lilo

# reboot and pray