pCloud playlists

I recently bought a "lifetime" subscription to pCloud. Lifetime is 99 years, or until I die, whichever occurs first. The unmentioned constraint is, "or until pCloud goes bust". Time will tell if the deal is as good as I hope.

My main aim with pCloud was to backup my digital music collection. Although pCloud offers some music player capability (both on the web and their Android app), I was disappointed to find the player(s) did not understand the m3u playlist format, which I use extensively for local playlists.

It appeared that only a manual ability to build pCloud playlists was offered. That's a non-starter for a 4000 track playlist. However, there was another option. I stumbled over the pCloud API. From this, I could see that pCloud offered a means of programmatically creating playlists.

After a bit of python coding, I had a script to take my existing local m3u playlists and upload them into the pCloud collection playlist format. I've made it available from github.