Printing from Linux to Windows connected printer

Had to re-investigate printing from crimson (the Linux box) to our sole laser printer (HP of course). The HP was attached to chrome, the Windows 95 machine. This had been working with Redhat 5.2, but due to my inability to document what I'd done to get printing working, I had to start from scratch.

Configuring printers in Redhat 7.3 is via the printconf tool. This is invoked (as root) by entering the shell command printconf-gui. The chrome HP printer was defined as an SMB queue type. The printer was defined as an HP Laserjet 5, with the lj5grey driver. The path/share name was set to //chrome/hp. Note the use of forward slashes; the default of backslashes doesn't work, due to the shell parsing in the smbprint scripts. The IP address needs to be set, but you can use a name (chrome in this case) instead of the numeric IP address.

Also, make sure any options related to printing with PostScript are unchecked - sending PostScript to a PCL5 printer is not a good thing to do.