Episode 1

Hiya man,

Like, I went to the doc yesterday, he gave me three months to live. I slipped him a pony and took my consignment of horse.

Later... Down at the seedy waterfront rat trap the locals called a bar, I hustled my stash. I'd just off-loaded my last sherbert to some mainliner with recessed eyes and a bas-relief tongue when I caught sight of her, over by the soundman's pulsating lights.

I watched.

She pulsed.

Red, Green, Yellow, Blue.

Pretty soon I was pulsing too, but there was only one colour in it... RED.

It flashed in my eyes, engulfing my sight. From somewhere deep inside my loins it spread over my being, washed me all over. I walked to where she was pulsating. As I reached her she turned and pulsed toward the dame's john. Her ass flashed red and and green as it rolled with her walk.

I went to the bar.

Biding my time.

I order a straight Schweppes; a large one. I order another. How long was she gonna be in the john?

Just then Rudy appeared by my side. Rudy was an uptown hustler,,, women, horse, coke, boys, you name it, he'll get it... if you can pay his price. And his price was high. What was he doing in a joint like this - it was strictly third division?

"Steve, we wanna talk to you," said Rudy without moving his mouth. The way he talked made you think it came outta his ass - but what Rudy said he meant and you'd better remember that.

He led me out into the alley. Things started to stink, but though I could smell it, I didn't have no way to use the air freshner. I hadda hold my nose and play by ear. We walked to the back of the bar, by the water. Then I saw her. The broad. She had stopped pulsatin', but the lack of technicolor didn't do her no harm.

Just then she exploded. A bright lightening bolt shot through her body, spots of light engulfed her and a purple glow slowly enveloped her. The boardwalk came up and hit me and Rudy put his cosh away. No-one wished me goodnight...