B Tree: Library for indexed file management

B Tree 5.0 API Reference Manual

Mark Willson

Revision History
Revision 5.0.11st July, 2020mpw
Minor bug fixes. Modifications to accomodate changes in the toolchain since 2012 (GNU Make and C compilers).
Revision 5.0.026th November, 2012mpw
Revised duplicate key handling to remove index navigation restrictions when in shared mode.
Revision 4.0.024th June, 2011mpw
Add support for btree index recovery.
Revision 3.1.23rd January, 2011mpw
Document revised handling of duplicate keys in shared mode.
Revision 3.1.121st December, 2010mpw
Bump rev to match library version. No other changes.
Revision 3.1.010th December, 2010mpw
Added support for previous key search, duplicate keys. Programs that link against the 3.0.x library will operate unchanged with 3.1.0.
Revision 3.0.12nd July, 2010mpw
Enhanced BT test harness; bug fixes.
Revision 3.0.04th June, 2010mpw
Added support for large files (> 2GiB)
Revision 2.0.410th May, 2008mpw
Shared access sleep time added as implementation constant
Revision 2.0.327th December, 2005mpw
Changes to reflect that zero-length data records are valid
Revision 2.0.23rd October, 2004mpw
New text on implementation constants and file sizes
Revision 2.01st June, 2004mpw
Reflect changes to API in version 2.0
Revision 1.013th April, 2003mpw
First release